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Raina Bandekar '23

Hi! 我叫Raina Bandekar,是美高梅官方网的大四学生. When I joined the GA community 14 years ago I knew that this was a place that I felt welcomed and supported by my teachers and friends, 在这里,我有能力探索各种各样的兴趣.

I am an avid participant in GA’s Independence Science Research program and have found this program as an integral aspect in shaping my future academic endeavors in the scientific field as both a researcher and an aspiring physician. In addition, some of the most rewarding aspects of my academic career at GA have been working as a writing center advisor and student tutor for the Upper School Tutoring Program.

GA also hosts a multitude of extracurricular activities that have shaped my foundation as a student. I have had the privilege of serving as a leader of the speech and debate club and GA’s community service organization for the past two years, 这两个角色让我成长为一个热心的公众演说家和社会倡导者. I have participated in the school band as a flutist as well as the rowing team during my time at GA allowing me to gain a unique sense of team bonding and friendship outside of the classroom.

I will always be thankful for my teachers, peers, 和GA的导师们一起培养学习环境, creativity, 是合作塑造了今天的我.


Aisosa Idahosa '23

Hi! 我叫艾索萨·伊达霍萨,是美高梅官方网的大四学生. I came to GA in 9th grade, 从那以后,我一直很高兴能成为这样一个优秀学生团体的一员. GA has both encouraged me, 这条道路使我能够追求各种各样的兴趣.

在课外活动中,我在学校的Crew团队中发现了一个不可思议的、紧密联系的社区. I look forward to rowing on the river everyday, 通过这项运动,我结交了一些最亲密的朋友. Additionally, as a captain of our Speech and Debate Team, 我学会了重要的领导技能,成为了一名热心的公众演说家. My event, Oral Interpretation, is pretty niche, and through it, 我已经能够将演讲的戏剧性和辩论性结合起来.

I’ve always been a creative person, 并通过GA独特的学院美高梅官方网站app计划, I’ve been able to pursue a significant independent combined art and research project on the Black Arts Movement and intersectional feminism. Through this, 我不仅能够追求我所热爱的事业, but also further my artistic endeavors.

As I prepare to leave GA for college, 我知道当我回首在这里的时光时,会觉得这是我一生中最美好的时光. GA让我很容易享受我现在的生活, while also preparing me for college and beyond.


Sam Wang '23

Hi! I’m Sam Wang, and I’m a senior. I joined Germantown Academy in third grade and have enjoyed being a part of such an amazing community ever since.
我在GA上过的最喜欢的课程之一是计算机科学高级主题. This project-based course has given me the opportunity to apply the computer science skills I learned in previous courses towards solving problems in the community. I have been working on a project to digitize the current lateness and off campus sign out processes to streamline them for both students and administrators.
At Germantown Academy, 还有很多不同的有趣的活动,学生可以参加. 我喜欢能够参加各种各样的活动, including Student Government, Cross Country, Robotics, and the school newspaper.
The community is my favorite part of GA. 刚来的时候,我很害羞,谁也不认识. 我从社区得到的支持帮助我找到了自己的声音. GA's unique teaching style, from the small class sizes to Harkness tables, fostered the welcoming community that grew me from a timid boy to a student leader who loves advocating for others.


Michael H. '30

Hi, I’m Michael, and I am in the 5th Grade. 我在幼儿园来到GA,很快就受到了亲切的老师和同学们的欢迎.  One of my favorite things about GA is the diversity of the activities that students can participate in. You can participate in lunch and recess clubs that specialize in all sorts of different categories. 我参加过SGA或学生会等社团, 你可以帮助GA成为一个更好的社区和学习场所. 此外,在GA,你可以以有趣和创造性的方式学习东西. For example, in science, 我们可以使用干冰和液氮等有趣的材料, and we can also do fun experiments. 老师们想出了一些有趣的项目,帮助我们用我们真正想做的事情来学习.

但我在GA最喜欢的东西可能是社区. 当我第一次来到这里的幼儿园时,社区立即帮助我找到了自己的声音. 他们鼓励我交朋友,并让我参加他们的活动. 他们帮助我适应了这个社区,我非常感谢GA的社区. 他们帮助我适应了这个新环境,并享受了学校,我非常喜欢.

Joseph Richards '23

Hello! 我叫约瑟夫·理查兹,是美高梅官方网的大四学生. I joined the GA community in second grade, 在那里我立刻与热情的学生群体产生了联系. GA became my personal “home away from home,在那里,我得到了支持和鼓励,去追求我广泛的兴趣.

GA为我提供了一个担任州长和SGA参议员的机会, 这两个领导职位塑造了我和蔼可亲的性格,直到今天. 作为校报《美高梅官方网》的总编辑和STEM俱乐部的负责人, 我可以追求我对新闻和科学完全不同的热情.

Regarding academics, GA通过提供大量选修课来支持我对科学的热情, 包括有机化学和独立科学研究, 是什么让我为未来的教育目标做好了准备. 虽然这些课程对我理解科学概念很有帮助, serving as a math and science tutor for the Student Tutor Service was one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made at GA. 

GA还提供各种各样的课外活动,我已经探索过了. 作为社区服务和社会变革的倡导者, I joined the Academy Scholars Program, 这帮助我提高了对当地有需要的退伍军人的认识. I’ve been fortunate to pursue my affinity for music as a violinist for the String Orchestra as well. On the athletic front, I’ve been a part of the basketball, tennis, football, and squash teams during my time at GA.

As a member of the Class of 2023, I will always be grateful for GA’s endless opportunities for discovery and the gift of lifelong friendships.


John Brightcliffe '27

Hi! I’m John, and I’m in 8th Grade. 我在五年级来到GA,社区立即欢迎我.

我最喜欢GA的一点就是学生们有这么多的机会. 我参加了体育运动和俱乐部,在此过程中结识了新朋友. 我是社区服务组织的一员. 我们专注于帮助有需要的人,并做出善良的行为来照亮社区. 我还在GA玩三种运动——足球、篮球和棒球. 运动给了我一个竞争和与他人交流的机会. 在运动方面,我遇到了很多朋友,从我的教练那里学到了很多东西.

在学校里,我不仅学习了学科知识,而且为高中做好了准备. 对于我们的家庭作业,有时我们学习不同的记笔记的方法. 此外,我们被鼓励制定自己的学习指南,以准备小测验和考试.

In conclusion, GA’s great community makes me feel welcomed and included through the opportunities and the great teachers we have.

Emma Polduka '27

Hi! 我叫艾玛,是美高梅官方网的八年级学生. I joined GA in 6th grade during COVID-19. During this time I felt thoroughly welcomed by the community regardless of masks and social distancing. 从那以后,团结的感觉越来越强烈.

Becoming a leader of the 8th Grade Girls Group has given me the opportunity to make a difference in a leadership role for issues I care about. 运动是我成为社区领袖的另一种方式, specifically, playing softball for Middle School. Sports and clubs have helped me to make great friends and become more involved in making a difference.

Academics have always been a priority for me and GA has challenged and helped me become a more determined and advanced learner. Math has pushed me the most to study and work hard for my grade and English and History let me delve into topics that interest and intrigue me. 我迫不及待地想继续在这里创造回忆,我希望你能和我一起感到兴奋!

Neve M. '30

Hi! My name is Neve and I joined GA in 2nd Grade. When I first walked into the school, I knew I would be welcomed and greeted by all the amazing security guards and all the staff members.  目前,我在五年级,这是一个非常棒的经历. I absolutely love it!

My favorite part of GA is the teachers and people that help and honor the kids with amazing projects and subjects. Every day when I come to school, 我总是很兴奋地开始新的一天,看到每个人脸上都有那么多笑容. 此外,在所有的特别节目中,它不仅仅是课程——它是学习新东西的机会. I love that all the kids here get everything that they need and have so much support when they're feeling low. 即使在五年级,总会有老师或朋友可以依靠.  There is such a beautiful campus with amazing gardens and ponds and so much wildlife that you can hear and see.

我很幸运能来到佐治亚大学,得到这所学校给予的帮助和支持. Whatever time I leave this outstanding school, 在我的房间和所有优秀的老师们有很多次告别. I always feel excited to come back the next day! GA is the most heartfelt school there can be!

Kaylin Trent '27

Hi! My name is Kaylin,  and I'm in 8th grade. Germantown Academy is a great school full of wonderful opportunities and amazing students and staff. 每个学生都有各种各样的活动和俱乐部可供选择!

I'm interested in giving back to the community and every student can do that by joining CSO (Community Service organization). CSO不仅回馈了GA社区,也回馈了整个社区. We work to set up tons of fundraisers throughout the year and it is really fun to work with my classmates. 我参加的另一个社团是SGA(学生政府协会). 在SGA期间,我们在学年期间计划有趣的活动. 我爱SGA,因为即使你不是总裁或副总裁, 你的意见总是被倾听并付诸行动.

GA的体育社区很棒,我踢足球和跑步. 参加这些运动非常棒,我还交了一些非常好的朋友. 我喜欢每个运动队互相支持和他们的成就.

Germantown Academy is incredible, 我所分享的并不是我喜欢GA的所有原因. 我总觉得自己被包容了,我的声音被听到了. 所有的老师和学生都很好,我喜欢每天去学校.

Holden Jackson '27

Hi I’m Holden and I am in 8th Grade. 以下是我喜欢美高梅官方网的三件事. I came to GA when I was in 3rd Grade. I felt a part of the community immediately. 去年我参加了一个叫做社区服务组织的社团. 他们通过在感恩节捐献食物来帮助别人, 在节日里给需要的人送礼物, 他们帮助为亚历克斯的柠檬水小摊和儿童癌症筹集资金.

体育是我生活中很重要的一部分,GA帮助我培养了这一点. 去年秋天我踢足球,进了中学校队. 今年晚些时候我还会打篮球和网球. 每个人都有一个团队,无论是大学代表队,少年代表队,第三队还是校内代表队.

我最喜欢GA的一点是它的包容社区. They make sure new students feel welcome. They have a program called Patriot Ambassadors that I participated in which allows current students to host potential students, 带他们四处转转,把他们介绍给校园和其他孩子.


Keeran K. '30

大家好,我是基兰,是美高梅官方网的五年级学生. 我在PreK来到GA,从那时起我就很享受成为这样一个神奇社区的一员.
我最喜欢GA的是每天都充满了有趣的科目,比如科学, art, PE, CBO (choir/band/orchestra), and many more. 关于GA的另一件事是你有很多机会. I participate in sports and clubs. 我最喜欢的俱乐部是自行车俱乐部,我们在学校周围骑自行车. 我也为GAAC(美高梅官方网水上俱乐部)游泳。. 游泳给了我一个和朋友竞争的机会.

在学校里,老师和我的朋友们帮助我为中学做准备,使我更加独立. 我知道数学会更难,一切都更具挑战性. I am also excited about our new Health & Wellness Center. 我很幸运地看到这座新建筑拔地而起,我迫不及待地想要使用它.

Louisa H. '30

Hi! I’m Louisa and I am in 5th Grade. 我在二年级时来到GA,并立即受到社区的欢迎.

One of my favorite parts of GA is how students are given so much opportunity to join all these amazing clubs. 例如,我在CSO(社区服务组织)和SGA(学生政府协会). I enjoy these clubs because they are student-led.   

I really enjoy art. 我现在正在做的一个项目是制作一个泥塑半身像. My bust is going to be Donkey from Shrek. 我选择了驴子,因为他一直是我最喜欢的角色,他总是让我笑.

我最喜欢五年级的一点是我们有更多的自由. 我们有门卡,我们可以自己去看特色菜,这意味着我们的老师信任我们.

“文明誓言”中我最喜欢的部分是我们尊重差异. 我觉得我们的社区在认真对待这一点上做得很好. GA是一个非常欢迎所有人的地方,我喜欢这里.